Content Marketing Associate

Delhi, India Full-time

Job responsibilities:
● Write and post content online; maintain company’s product Web pages and
● Contribute to the company’s product social sites like Linkedin, Quora.
● Moderate content as it is contributed to the website by external sources/
● Help plan and implement social marketing campaigns for specific marketing
goals, on Linkedin, Quora, Slideshare and so on.
● Monitor social media outlets and respond on topics related to company’s product
● Keep up-to- date with best practices in writing for the web, social media trends,
web usability, web design, and business/industry trends
● Coordinate with content creation & publishing of company’s product newsletters
(internal or external)
● Prepare internal and external communications including announcements,
marketing collaterals, case studies, etc as needed.

Job requirements:
● Strong writing, editing, and proofreading skills
● Experience in writing for the Web, content management and internet research
● Experience with social networks and implementation of social media marketing
● Minimal experience with HTML, CSS, and working with content management
systems (CMS)
● Experience in Inbound Marketing practices can be plus.

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