Social Media & Product Marketing Manager

Gurugram, Haryana, India Full-time

We are looking for a Social Media & Product Marketing manager to increase our social media footprint and create (very) high impact. You will work on a variety of products across the food technology landscape. We are a SaaS startup, take a look at our website and blog to get a sense of what we do.


What we mean by high social footprint

The goal is to position LimeTray as an industry leader that cares about solving challenges that restaurants face, with technology. And is sharp in it’s communication. Our expectation is to be able to cut through, grab attention, solve neatly and set the standard, repeatedly.

We put in a substantial amount of research into writing our blogs. But content alone does not win the game anymore. Context is equally important.

Content maybe king but context is queen, and she runs the house.



  • Be a self-starter and manage the social media pipeline. Work with the marketing and content team to come up with ideas of repurposing content into a variety of snackable formats that is relevant in today’s context. Then execute them quickly.

Note: There are no separate managers to help you manage your workflow. We expect our social media lead to communicate and set expectations with teams.

In real life this looks like:

- Infographics, data visualization & blog repurposing - Extracting key content from blogs, case studies, E-books & reports and turn into content relevant for each social media platform. (Text, graphic and video).

- Content distribution and social media listening - Mining communities, groups, comment threads, hot topics and newer areas for generating traffic. Then help our content reach these places. Example: Use a tool to look for the hottest topics of conversation in the F&B space and look for opportunities to leverage that.

- Influencer outreach - Twitter lists and Insta DMs/follows to reach key people in our industry. Engaging them with content and nurturing that relationship.

- PR - Manage relationships with PR agencies to amplify brand LimeTray.

- Company culture/Employer Branding - Make limeTray look irresistible on our social channels.

- Help the larger team isolate opportunities for creating content or a creative intervention



  • Product marketing - Work with Product heads to understand the product suite and come up with marketable formats for promotions - collaterals/assessments AND Understand pain points of clients by setting up meeting with Sales teams to drive more engaging content.


Experience Range: 1-2 years

Technical Skills

  1. Proven track record in social content creation, managing a calendar & content distribution.
  2. Email marketing.
  3. Content writing/Copywriting.


How will you spend your time here?

  1. 70% Social Media and distribution
  2. 30% Product marketing


The culture at LimeTray

LimeTray is a start-up. And that means we are self-started. We spend our time chasing our goals but also looking for ways to improve things. If you see something and think you can do it better, just go ahead and make a proposition. People care about time so it works best when we all respect that.


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