Technology Lead

New Delhi, Delhi, India Full-time

As the most senior level programming position, Technology Lead provides technical leadership, planning, mentoring and vision to multiple product teams. A TL act as a lead programmer on multiple products by owning the technical specifications and architecture. He contributes to the code base and enables teams to excel and produce high-quality products. With little directions from the manager, A TL is responsible for forging a strong relationship with other departments and products. TL is also responsible for conducting regular one on ones with his team and should be measuring his progress by his team's growth and success.TL communicates programming needs and interests to the product team and others directly & anticipates upon issues that arise, providing alternative approaches and solutions.



  • Four year college degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience.
  • Strong Fundamentals in Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Conversant about Internet technologies, communication protocols, and techniques.
  • Conversant about database methodologies and database systems.
  • Willingness to learn new platforms, as needed.
  • Produced multiple large scale complex product/system.
  • Prior startup experience.
  • A solid understanding of any of following technologies with knowledge of debugging techniques and maintenance.
  • Java, Node.JS, Python
  • Android, iOS (Swift)
  • Tomcat, Nginx, Apache
  • Kafka, ActiveMQ, eMQTT
  • MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, ES
  • Experience in applying knowledge of good coding practices and fundamental computer science principles.
  • Ability to work in a team and take direction well.
  • Self-motivated and responds to supervision. Asks relevant questions.
  • Can independently plan tasks and estimate their completion.
  • Can adapt to changing conditions.


  • Sought out for technical guidance; anticipates technical issues at the product level and makes architectural and design decisions to avoid them.
  • An owner of and expert on large sections of our codebase.
  • A record of creating sweeping improvements in stability, performance, and scalability across major business-critical systems.
  • Recognized as a prolific contributor to core and side projects.
  • Consistently able to reduce the complexity of projects, services, and processes in order to get more done with less work.
  • Shapes broad architecture; Ships multiple large services, complex libraries or major pieces of infrastructure.
  • Has made an obvious positive impact on the entire company's technical trajectory.
  • Multiplies the effectiveness of others by facilitating cross-team work.
  • Listens and guides debates to help reach a consensus; once a decision is made, clearly communicates and backs that decision.
  • Sets short to medium-term strategic technical direction, able to look ahead 6-12 months and identify the areas of greatest need and create plans to improve them.
  • Scales themselves by delegating effectively; ensures tasks are completed as specified without micromanaging.
  • Focused on and responsible for the team's productivity and collective impact.
  • Makes independent decisions for the team; is actively learning how to handle difficult management situations.
  • Contributes to the career development of others.
  • When the tech lead is acting as the reporting manager to others, the tech lead is expected to meet regularly with their direct reports, provide frequent feedback on their work, help the individuals set goals and work with the engineering lead or director to ensure employee growth and retention goals.

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